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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  August 29, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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a row. bart protesters gathered that civic center bart station. they made their way down market street, heading towards the powell street station. no word of any bart closures right now. everything running as normal but the protesters are on the move. they have been marching here. you can see police, looks next to them walking up the street, staircase here, powell street station. we have been following them. this began at 5:00 that civic center bart station. >> we don't know if the powell street station has been shut down as a result of this. what happened the group "anonymous" asked the protesters to stay above ground. not to go down to the platform. what they were concerned about is the public perception. riders were getting angry their commutes were effected as a result of the protest. this is the third monday in a
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row they have been protest. tonight's protest started above ground, they marched down market street, briefly shut down market street, and now we are getting word some of them have gone down into the powell street station. >> we want to go now to ktvu's david stevenson, he is following the action on the ground. what can you tell us? >> reporter: look behind me. these are about 20 or so protesters who remain behind here who didn't join that march. everyone here assembled at 5:00, some chanting fight the power. they are angry about what they say is police brew tally following a july 3 shooting of charles hill. on the civic center bart station after he threatened them with a broken bottle. tensions between protesters,
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bart and bart riders. >> the initial protest was well taken but i think continued protests are just inconsiderate and not justified. >> the people on the train should understand he was praised for having the trains on time. it's the riders who should stop the bart. we are on their side. >> reporter: again, another live look at the scene at un plaza with protesters. we just got an update from the san francisco police department, the powell station hasn't been shut down and the protesters coming back up and heading east on market. this is a fluid situation. number 4 in a series of protests based around that shooting and bart's reaction. we will monitor the situation and keep you informed. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news.
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now to the search for a gunman who killed a father right in front of that man's six-year-old son. ktvu's patty lee is live now at the scene. >> reporter: they gathered 15 minutes ago and they just put up this poster. this is a crowd that says everybody violence is a everybody reality. the fact this happened in front of his own son is unacceptable. >> reporter: photos are displayed that house he lived with his wife and two young sons. >> she can't believe this happened. >> why would this happen? he was just trying to leave. he was just trying to care for his kids. >> reporter: they described how he watched helplessly from the
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car as two men shot his father after he refused to hand over money. >> they were digging through his pockets. take what he had. [ speaking foreign language ] >> they were laughing about it. >> reporter: a witness who didn't want to be identified heard him screaming, a gun shot and saw both men run past him down 103 street. >> i let them go, they had a gun. >> reporter: he staggered before collapsing where his son tried to comfort him. he later died at the hospital. this afternoon oakland officers conducted a high profile enforcement tactics to identify possible suspects but so far no arrests. >> reporter: oakland police are offering a $15,000 reward for
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information. the family was looking forward to this day, both boys were looking forward to going back to school today. ktvu channel 2 news. >> the man accused of firing the shots that killed a toddler made a brief court appearance today. supporters of the suspect got emotional and a bailiff asked them to leave. a judge postponed his plea because his public defender is on vacation. he was targeting a rival gang member in the shooting that killed carlos nava. calotia is investigating a crash volving a bulldozer. happened today at 1:30. near interstate 580. according to the fire department, the bulldores flipped over and rolled 700 feet down. the driver was killed.
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officials are expected to be that site tomorrow long with investigators. the coroner identified man beaten to death. police say he was killed around 10:00 p.m. at hillcrest park. two male suspects were arrested several blocks from the park. witnesses were with him told police the suspects tried to rob them and then attacked him. bill that slows down the governor's ability to give clemency is on the way to the governor's desk. it is a response to the decision by governor schwarzenegger. just hours before he left office in january he reduced the manslaughter sentence of the son of former assembly speaker fabian nunez.
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it requires the governor give 10 days notice. as we near the anniversary of the san bruno pipeline explosion a new report is expected to be released tomorrow. they will release the final report on the september 9 blast. the report finds the pipeline was made of substandard materials and sections had bad welds. you are about to get your first look from the top of the new tower of the bay bridge. new at 6:00, ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar with a magnificent site. >> reporter: have a look. like the massive cable that will follow in a year, we are going to take you up, up and away. called the cat walk system. >> they are in the same geometry. people are getting a feel for
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what it will look like. >> it will underline lye where the cables will hang. 11 feet long. on the san francisco side, 600 feet long. 50 workers per cat walk. it's the talk. awesome view of the bay. the massive structure awaiting the cable to come. this at the very top is the business end that will bear the weight of the cable and keep the bridge standing for 150 years. right now at this point you can see where they connect into the structure. you can see the massive sattal that will hold the sattal in place. >> it will be erected over the cat walk. you will see that cable going into place next year. and tonight just before 8:00 p.m. the lights on the cat walk will go on for the first time,
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permanently changing the look that bay at night. >> the lighting for construction workers for the rest of the bay it will show you what the bridge will look like. like a preview. >> reporter: one final note, the last shipment of parts is being unloaded as we speak. all of this to be together by the fall of 2013. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. cisco is buying a san francisco software start up company. it's aquering them for an undisclosed sum. zinga is pushing back its plans for a public offering to october or november. the company is the leading publisher of games on facebook. it filed in july for an ipo
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worth up to $1 billion. storm clouds parted today on wall street. stocks sored. investors were encouraged by a boost in consumer spending. the dow jones industrial average rose 254.71 points to close at 11,539.25. the nasdaq composite index rose 82.26 to 2,562.11. latin american governments in san francisco want female workers to know about their rights. five consulates are teaming up with american governmentsal agencies and unions to educate immigrant workers on issues. they kicked off the labor rights week that mexico consulate in san francisco today. >> we have to make sure women are protected. >> an official says similar efforts to what are planned for this week have been successful. more live coverage from san francisco. these are pictures from news
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chopper 2 from the powell street station. right now the powell street station is still open despite the fact protesters did go inside the station. more coverage coming up momentarily. no fog. we haven't seen that a lot. i will tell you when the fog will return and how-cool it will be in your -- and how cool it will be in your neighborhood.
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more now on the developing news in san francisco. we are monitoring a protest. live view camera in the montgomery station off market street. down stairs here protesters are gathering. leaders at the beginning of the demonstration were asking the demonstrator stay above ground on the street level but
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apparently they gone down inside the montgomery station. looks like they have gone inside the station and police are on hand as you see right there. we are continuing to monitor this. this started around 5:00 at the civic center bart station. it's the third protest in a row protesters gathered that civic center bart station, then marched towards the powell street station, montgomery station. no word if any bart closures as of this point. we are continuing to monitor this. if there are delays or closures we will let you know. a woman knows her punishment for her role of a murder. mei li was sentenced to 34 years to life in prison. she and her daughter rosa hill
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were convicted in june. they killed selma hill in 2009. they were in a custody dispute over rosa hill's daughter. her husband pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact. authorities are searching for a man who is accused of shooting and killing a councilman. aaron bassler is accused of killing jere melo saturday after he stumbled on to opium poppies. he and another man were walking the area, investigating a report of an illegal pot farm when the shooting happened. aaron bassler was guarding the farm. drivers who lost their license but ignore the law were the target of a undercover sting. >> dui related conviction. >> the sheriff's department
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wrapped up its operation. today three deputies set up in downtown san jose to catch people right after their court proceedings. drivers with suspended license whose got in their car to drive off were pulled over again. >> they were suspended multiple times. it's not like it's a first time occurrence. >> two people were sited and had their cars towed today. residents are preparing for evacuations today as the fire heads their way. firefighters are focusing on the eastern side. highway 140 is closed. aircraft are assisting the 800 firefighters working on the ground. houses are now under evacuation orders. a motor home sparked the fire last thursday. in lincoln an investigation
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into a rail car fire failed to pinpoint a cause. the city is handing off the investigation to the public utility's commission. it forces towns towns to revacuate last week before a team from texas was able to extinguish the fire. floodwaters from hurricane irene aren't showing mercy in vermont. >> get up. >> rivers washed away cars, trees and bridges. the state's governor says entire communities are now under water and the emergency management headquarters building flooding. three deaths in vermare blame on the storm -- in vermont are blamed on the storm. alex savage has been talking to some passengers stranded as a result of hurricane irene. >> reporter: another
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frustrating day here at sfo. after a weekend full of flight cancellations, we talked with people who say it could be a day or more before they are able to get back east and in some cases that may not be a direct hit. >> get me out of here tomorrow to texas and they will get me on a flight to maryland and then i am on my own. >> reporter: today 30 flights were canceled. most of those flights connecting to airports in the northeast. lot of people visiting the bay area have been stranded because of hurricane irene. and now they are desperate to get back home. we talked with a mother from new jersey who brought her son here to watch the giants. >> we are never going home. i am convinced. we are going to be here. his fault because he is a giants fan. >> reporter: there are no -- no
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word on any more flight cancellations for the rest of this week. good idea to check and if you are traveling don't just show up at the airport, check on your flight status before you do. reporting live at sfo, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. fog long the coast of san francisco. the coast line, libe storm tracker 2. clear skies long the avenues. towards the olympic club, daily city, pacifica, no fog. you don't see any fog. clear, breezy at the coast. winds are blowing out of west, southwest. right that beach. -- right at the beach. tomorrow nice day. san jose down for the count 80
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degrees tomorrow -- san jose downtown 80 degrees for tomorrow. because it's so sparse it will burn off tomorrow and so we should see a nice day. start off with low clouds in many bay area communities. heat in the bay area or inland valleys, outside the bay area. bay area upper 80s in the warm spots. 90s sacramento, davis, vacaville. temperatures in the mid-80s. most in the 70s. there is your fog foot print tomorrow, 9:00 a.m. pretty small. lot of clear in the north and south. good start to your day. mostly sunny. the air flow is a cooler deal from the north, that's why temperatures tomorrow look like these. 78 sonoma. 76 napa. 85 clear lake.
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you can tell temperatures -- not just a marine layer thing, it's just cooler air from the northern regmanch 85 brentwood. -- northern region. 85 in brentwood. we had a good run of minimal fires. 77 san mateo. good air quality too. how many spare the air days this year? couple, right? not many. i remember 12, hand full at best. right now this five-day forecast with your weekend in view, looks like a good one. warmer towards the end of the week and into the weekend. >> just as school starts we get the best weather of the summer. thank you. coming up at 7:00 on tv 36a couple of developing stories. we are following the bart protest in san francisco. protesters are walking down streets, these are live
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pictures here. they have not caused a disinterruption in bart service and police are keeping a close eye on them. all right. sports is next. we will be right back.
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. >> oakland will host the movie all about the oakland a's. moneyball premiers september 19. brad pitt plays billy bean in that movie. tells the story of the 2002 division championship series. sony hasn't said if brad pitt will attend the premier. i hope the pre-season isn't an omen. rough weekend. >> long year if it is. frank gore not happy his contract hasn't been extended but his agent is in town. but they have bigger problems to deal with right now than his money. how about the offensive line. it was bulled over by the
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texans. 417-105. joe, one of the veterans not happy with his own play. as well he shouldn't be. >> got to play better. nothing to do with schemes or anything. got to play better. disgusted with what we saw. the coach challenged us. we needed to come out and have a great week of practice. >> reporter: what kind of feedback are you getting? >> got to protect. >> that was nice of them if that's all they said. you got to protect. they got all kinds of problems. the raiders against the saints, looking for bright spots. how about jones, a running back out of deer valley high in antioch. went to eastern washington. set a bunch of records there. down played the magnitude of playing in front of some 50
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friends and families. a local group out there. >> at the end of the day it's just football. i try to come out here and try to be patient and once i got the first snap i was able to control my nerve as little more. i started getting more comfortable. we always jump out and have good starts. we got to learn how to finish and tighten up on the mental areas. >> he came out of a bay area high school, here is your choices for this week's game of the week. get on, vote and we will show you game friday night. gnats the sporting life for right now. >> i love the game of the weeks. so much fun. thanks for joining us.
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